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Slow Coffee

NYOK PO Arabica Coffee Dark Roast

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We work slowly and at nature's pace - to fulfill our mission of growing great coffee and preserving and regenerating the world's forests.


Slow Coffee is grown by 37 individual smallholder families on the Bolaven Plateau in Laos, whom all grow their coffee under the gentle shade of trees, practicing the art of agroforestry. 

This coffee lot was grown by the following Slow farmers. Please click through to visit their farms and learn more about them:


Our popular Dark Roast is a flavorful, gentle blend with rich notes of cocoa and and a hint of liquorice. The rounded, balanced flavor leaves a light and pleasant, chocolate-like aftertaste and makes your coffee break a moment of enjoyment. Our Dark Roast coffee has been grown to you by Family Duangta and Family Ngae.

As always, we encourage you to sip slowly… But that doesn’t mean you need to forgo a second (or third) cup. Drink anytime, anywhere, with anyone. And, most importantly, enjoy.


Would like to know about our coffee and our mission?

Click this link:


Dosing: 62 g/litre


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