Lao Specialty Coffee Cupping

Lao Specialty Coffee Cupping

Jay Caragay, owner of Spro Coffee in Baltimore, cupped the Lao coffees while sharing the results

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Millions of years ago, there was a volcanic eruption in the southern part of Laos. This causing the soil to contain rich minerals which is ideal for growing coffee. The South of Lao where Bolaven Plateau is produces coffee at altitude of 800-1350 meters above sea level. Lao is one of the few countries in the world to grow high quality coffee beans.

ລາວເປັນຫນຶ່ງໃນປະເທດທີ່ປູກເມັດກາເຟທີ່ມີຄຸນນະພາບສູງ ເພາະວ່າເມື່ອລ້ານປີກ່ອນເກີດເຫດການລະເບີດຂອງພູເຂົາໄຟໃນເຂດພາກໃຕ້ຂອງລາວເຮັດໃຫ້ດິນຍູ່ທິດໃຕ້ຂອງພູພຽງບໍລິເວນມີລະດັບຄວາມສູງເເຕ່ 800-1350 ເເມັດເເລະນັ້ນໄດ້ເຮັດໄຫ້ດິນລາວມີເເຮ່ທາດທີ່ອຸດົມສົມບູນເເກ່ການປູກກາເຟ.



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