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Lao Cuisine Could Be The Next Food Craze

While Laos has long played little brother to Thailand, the time has come to shed a spotlight on the distinct dishes that make Lao cuisine unique. Many Thai restaurants in the West are Lao-owned and add Lao dishes to the menu. As more foodies discover what makes Lao food stand out, more Lao restaurants are popping up in the States, Europe and Australia. Here are a dozen dishes that show the best of Lao cooking.

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NEW & Trendy Purse

New design and always timeless. It will look beautiful on you. Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn, it doesn't matter, the design is just beautiful. It's made of natural material and natural color. Eco friendly Purse is the way to go.

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Laos - Land of Sticky Rice

Khao kainoi is a rain-fed lowland, glutinous, late-maturing rice variety.

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Lao Coffee with 87+ points which puts our coffee in the category for " SPECIALY COFFEE ".

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